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Education and research

2016 –  Research Scientist at the RICAM institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Linz (Austria).
2012 – 2015 Postdoc position at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Thuwal (Saudi Arabia).
2011 – 2012 Postdoc position at the RICAM institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Linz (Austria).
2011 PhD degree in mathematics.
PhD thesis: Minimal families of curves on surfaces.
2006 – 2011 Doctoral student in Mathematics at the RISC institute of the Johannes Kepler University, Linz (Austria).
2004 MSc degree with major in theoretical computer science.
MSc thesis: The Hyperelliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem.
1997 – 2004 Master of Science in Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands).


list of publications


2020 – 2024 FWF–Project P 33003, "Trajectories of motions".
2018 CGTA Best Paper Award for
"Kinematic generation of Darboux cyclides" by N. Lubbes and J. Schicho.
Prize money: 300 Dollars.
Guest Editors: M. Lavicka, M.L. Sampoli, H.-P. Schröcker. Elsevier representative: G.M. Rodney.
Unfortunately, I had to decline this awarded two-year fellowship in Buenos Aires (Argentinia).


2017 – 2021 Applied Mathematics I and II at FH-Wels.
Lecture5 ECTS7 semesters
Skills practice2.5 ECTS7 semesters
2011 Lecturer during a project week for advanced pre-university students at Kefermarkt in Austria.

Selection of recent talks

2018 Rigidity and Flexibility of Geometric Structures, Vienna (Austria).
Talk: "On an invariant of linkages".
2018 Curves and Surfaces, Arcachon (France).
Talk: "Webs of rational curves on surfaces".
2017 MEGA, Nice (France).
Talk: "Surfaces containing two circles through a general point in higher dimensions".
2017 CGTA, Pilsen (Czech Republic).
Talk: "Hexagonal webs of circles".
2014 ACA, New York (USA).
Invited talk: "Circles on surfaces".


2011 Main organizer of the last week of a three week research program called "Algebraic versus Analytic Geometry: minimal model program" at ESI, Vienna (Austria).


Computing C++, Java, Python, SQL, Sage, Mathematica, LaTeX.
Source code at GitHub
Programming experience in industry
Languages Dutch, English, German.